The FINAL OpenSSL post?


I’ve checked in all functionality I will add to OpenSSL support in JRuby at this point. Of course, there will be more, but not concentrated in a spurt like this. Tomorrow I will modify the build process and then merge everything I’ve done into trunk.

Let’s back up a little. What have I accomplished? This: All OpenSSL tests from MRI run (except PKCS#7). That includes tests of SSL server and SSL client. Simple https-request also works. This is sweet. Everything else there is tests for in Ruby works. But… this is also the problem. Roughly half of Ruby’s OpenSSL library is not tested at all. And since the current OpenSSL initiative from my part is based on tests, I haven’t done anything that isn’t tested for.

So, some things won’t work. There is no support for Diffie-Hellman keys right now, for example. Will be easy to add when the time comes, but there isn’t any testing so I haven’t felt the need.

The only thing not there, as I said, is PKCS#7. That was just too involved. I’ll take care of that some other time, when someone says they want it… Or someone else can do it? =)

So, what this boils down too is that JRuby trunk will have OpenSSL support sometime tomorrow. Hopefully it will be useful and I can get on to other JRuby things. I have a few hundred bugs I would like to fix, for example…

Oh yeah, that’s true. Tomorrow will also be YAML day. I’ll probably fix some bugs and cut a new release of JvYAML. It’s that time, the bug count is bigger than it was, and JRuby needs some fixes. So that’s the order of day for tomorrow. First OpenSSL and then YAML. Any comments on this, please mail or comment directly here.


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  1. Mariano


    congratulations. This is quite impressive.

    SSL support is important and as you described in details not an easy task to implement.

    Also impressive is the speed and dedication you show when working through all the JRuby bugs.

    Both are not as shiny and obvious on the surface as implementing a different syntax for Java imports or increasing the overall speed but nevertheless crucial for a broader adoption of JRuby.

    .. quite impressiv.

    Mariano Kamp

    November 26th, 2006

  2. Raghav

    Wow, I just came across your blog. This does seem quite impressive. I want to try and get openssl working with my jruby. Where can I download what you have?


    November 28th, 2006

  3. Raghav

    oops, sorry – you did say in the main trunk!


    November 28th, 2006

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