Results of jvYAMLb

Well, the YAML-based loading is in JRuby trunk. On the way, some parts of the codebase got seriously simplified. Very nice. The final result, with regard to performance, is about 20-30% on speed. But the important gain is in memory usage. The new implementation takes only about one fourth of the memory the original used. So that’s great.

Regarding the Resolver, as I mentioned in the last post, it required a different approach, since regular JvYAML uses regular expressions to recognize implicit tags. Since that approach isn’t good with byte arrays, I decided to use Ragel to generate a recognizer. That approach was very successful. As soon as I got that working it was the obvious approach. Ragel is good. Ragel is great. Ragel is wonderful. I will use the same approach for regular JvYAML to get away from all those Java regexps.

So, next step will be to do the same conversion of the emitter. Of course, at that point performance isn’t that important. It’s more about memory usage and the need to get away from another external dependency in JRuby.

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