Guide to Ioke development environment

Wonderful! Martin Elwin posted the first part of a series on setting up an Ioke development environment. It’s fantastic to see people blog about Ioke, and Martin wrote some other pieces too. Especially the JSON parser is cool. You can see the development environment post here.

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  1. Martin

    Hi Ola,
    I’ve been following your posts about Ioke since the beginning and recently started to fool around with it a little bit more seriously, so Martin’s post is especially helpful. But is there any place (like an IRC channel, etc.) you could go if you had some questions/problems about/with Ioke? I know there’s a forum on Kenai, but it seems it’s not in use…

    January 13th, 2009

  2. Martin:
    Yes, there are some places you can go. First of all, there is an IRC channel at called #ioke. I try to hang around there, and there are a few others who also lurk there.

    The Kenai mailing lists should be quite helpful, and I’ve also added a google group called ioke-language, at This group doesn’t have any members yet, though. Any of these places should be a good starting place to find help.

    January 13th, 2009

  3. Martin

    Thanks! That should do ;)

    January 13th, 2009

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