Ioke at Amsterdam.rb

Monday evening I’ll be in Amsterdam, talking about Ioke to Amsterdam.rb, inbetween some other presentations. Seeing as this is going to be the first public presentation about Ioke, I’m absolutely thrilled. It’s going to be great fun. I still haven’t decided exactly how to present Ioke, but I think it’s going to be eased by this being a Ruby crowd.

As far as I understand, the evening is actually fully booked, so there is no more space for people to come. But hopefully everyone in Amsterdam who is interested in Ioke (all three of you? =) will be there. The presentation will be at TTY’s offices in Amsterdam, from 19. It seems my presentation will be from 20:35.

Hope to see you there. This might be an historic event! =)

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  1. brandr

    Very interesting, but it’s too far from Grenoble to Amsterdam :)

    February 20th, 2009

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