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Currently sitting in a session on day two of the Google I/O conference. The morning opened up with the keynote and announcement of Google Wave, which is something that seems very cool and has a lot of potential. Very cool start of the day.

After that I watched Ben and Dion talk about Bespin. I hadn’t seen Bespin before – it was definitely interesting, although I will be hard pressed to give up Emacs any day soon.

During lunch I came up with a fun idea, but it required something extra. I talked to Jon Tirsen, a Swedish friend from his ThoughtWorks days, who is on the Google Wave team – and he managed to get me an early access account for Google Wave. So I spent the next few hours hacking – and was able to unveil an Ioke Wave Robot during my talk. It is basically only a hello world thing, but it is almost certainly the first third-party Google Wave code… You can find it at It is deployed as so when you have your Wave account you can add it to any waves. Very cool. I do believe there is a real potential for scripting languages to handle these tasks. Since most of it is about gluing services together, dynamic languages should be perfectly suited for it.

Finally I did my talk about JRuby and Ioke – that went quite well too. The video should be up on Google sooner or later.

And that was basically my Google I/O experience. Very nice conference and lots of interesting people.

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  1. Hey, Ola

    It was cool meeting you last night, thanks for the amazing ale!

    I was wondering how the pipeline for jsonrpc works in your iokebot. I’ve been trying to build a Sinatra robot template, and I’m having a lot of trouble with jruby-rack and jsonrpc (it seems to eat the JSON and return a broken Hash), and I think I need to find an alternative.

    June 6th, 2009

  2. Hi Michael,

    So, if you look in the iokebot, you will see that the main dispatch happens from the IokebotServlet that is a subclass of GenericRobotServlet. The Robot servlet takes care of the jsonrpc stuff. For JRuby-rack I recommend you to create a new servlet that uses the rest of the rack infrastructure, except for the RackServlet.

    June 6th, 2009

  3. OK, thanks, I’ll give that a try.

    June 6th, 2009

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