Practical JRuby on Rails released!

Today my book Practical JRuby on Rails has been released by APress. It has got two forewords, one by Martin Fowler and one by Pat Eyler. And you can order it right now from Amazon here. Hopefully it will also be available in your closest computer book store!

Practical JRuby on Rails

The time of waiting is over. I have hinted over and over that I’ve been doing some stuff that take lots of time. The first part of this was interviewing for ThoughtWorks, and I told you that a month back. And now I can finally tell you what’s keeping me so busy, that I can’t blog as much as I used to:

I am writing Practical JRuby on Rails: Web 2.0 projects for APress. I have been since late December, and the book is due to be published in October. But you can actually preorder the book today, from Amazon, here.

Fractured blogging

My blogging in the future will be a little bit fractured (or more fractured, some might say), since I have been invited to write at Inside Java for APress. The address is and I do recommend that you subscribe to the feed if you’re interested in Java or associated technologies. My first posting was about the two closure proposals for Java 7, and I will try to focus my posting there to be more Java specific, mostly in article format. But if I write anything I deem to be exceptionally good, I promise to link from here to there.

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