The End of the Free Internet – Panel tomorrow

Tomorrow evening (Wednesday, Dec 8, 2010) at 8:15pm EST, Rebecca ParsonsTim Bray and Marc Rotenberg will participate in a panel discussion hosted by The Real News and moderated by Paul Jay. The discussion will focus on these questions:

  • What does the cut off of service to WikiLeaks mean for the future of the Internet?
  • Will digital journalism be less protected?
  • Was WikiLeaks afforded procedural protections before its website and DNS entries were shut down? What process should be required?
  • The Internet is vulnerable to internal threats. What technical innovations are needed?
  • Can leaks ever be stopped? Is it worth the price?
If you have an interest in the impact of the recent events on the future of a free and open Internet, I urge you to come watch!
For more information and a link to the actual broadcast, go here.

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