The End of the Free Internet – Panel tomorrow

Tomorrow evening (Wednesday, Dec 8, 2010) at 8:15pm EST, Rebecca ParsonsTim Bray and Marc Rotenberg will participate in a panel discussion hosted by The Real News and moderated by Paul Jay. The discussion will focus on these questions:

  • What does the cut off of service to WikiLeaks mean for the future of the Internet?
  • Will digital journalism be less protected?
  • Was WikiLeaks afforded procedural protections before its website and DNS entries were shut down? What process should be required?
  • The Internet is vulnerable to internal threats. What technical innovations are needed?
  • Can leaks ever be stopped? Is it worth the price?
If you have an interest in the impact of the recent events on the future of a free and open Internet, I urge you to come watch!
For more information and a link to the actual broadcast, go here.

ThoughtWorks signs EU petition against software patents

I am strongly against software patents, and as such I’m very happy that ThoughtWorks has decided to sign the EU petition against software patents.

I recommend any individual with the same views to sign – and to convince their company to do the same. You can do it here:

ThoughtWorks Seminar and Tutorial in Stockholm

September 29th, ThoughtWorks will hold a day of seminars and a tutorial in Stockholm, Sweden. The seminars are free. I will talk about alternative languages, Martin Fowler will talk about software design in the 21st century, and another ThoughtWorks speaker will talk about DSLs for functional testing.

The tutorial is a half day tutorial given by Martin Fowler and me. We will talk about domain specific languages.

If this sounds interesting, go in and find more information and register here. Hurry, though – places are limited!

ThoughtWorks seminars in Stockholm

ThoughtWorks will give two free seminars at Berns, Tuesday April 21, 2009.

The morning seminar will be given by Marcus Ahnve, talking about the business value of lean and agile, and how it can serve as a competitive advantage – especially in difficult times.

The afternoon seminar will be given by Zach Exley, who will give a behind-the-scenes look at the technological side of the Barack Obama campaign.

ThoughtWorks founder and chairman Roy Singham will kick off both seminars by giving his views on why  ha believes Scandinavia has a great future in the area of software development.

The events are open for anyone – and you can attend either one or both. For registration and more info:

The ThoughtWorks Geek Night

Last Tuesday ThoughtWorks hosted a Geek Night, where I was the headline. My presentation was about Creating languages for the JVM, which as it turns out is a quite broad topic. The London office do these kind of geek nights now and again, and this time we ended up being about full capacity for what the office could hold, which is about 50-60 people. It was really crowded, actually. That is a good problem to have, though. I am glad so many turned up to see me do a two hour rambling presentation that ended up being like a non-stop fire hose of information.

I’m not going to try to summarize the actual presentation. There were way to much information in it for that. Luckily, SkillsMatter had a film camera there, and I’ve been told the video should be up anytime. Once that happens I will post about it here. In the meantime, the slides can be found here:

It was an interesting subject to present about though. I think this material could easily be a one-day tutorial. I wonder if anyone would be interesting in having such a tutorial at their conference? And whether anyone would show up for such a subject…

It was fun, though. I had a great time, and I hope the people who showed up didn’t end up being disappointed with the material.

ThoughtWorks Sweden is available

I would like to announce that ThoughtWorks Sweden is now in motion. We have business cards and an office. Everyone is returning from their long lovely Swedish summer vacations.

This means that ThoughtWorks Sweden is ready, and available for work. If you or your business have a project you need help with, don’t hesitate to contact me (at or Marcus Ahnve (at

We are located in Stockholm, but we are open for work anywhere in the Nordic regions.

So what kind of work are we most suited for? Our sweet spot is in delivery and technical advisory regarding Java, Ruby and JRuby. And if you’re interested in understanding how our Agile approach can change your company, we can do organizational transformation projects and also coaching and advisory.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

ThoughtWorks comes to Sweden

I few months back I blogged about the possibility that ThoughtWorks would come to Sweden. Well, this is now reality. I have the extreme honor to be a part of this initiative together with Marcus Ahnve (who blogged about it here). If you read that blog you will know that Marcus will head the Swedish operation. I am immensely happy about having him as my new colleague and also boss. =)

People might ask what my role in this new office will be. That’s a valid question. My main goal is to stay out of trouble – and trying my very best to not scare potential customers away. Marcus is extremely capable and will handle all challenges, which means that I’ll do my best to bask in the glory of opening an new office. I might also have a hand in any billable work we do, and help out with recruitment and possibly even (shudder) marketing.

Not sure if you catched the meaning in that last sentence, but let me spell two points out. We will be selling work in Sweden from day one. I will be one of the consultants sold and that means that if you have an Ruby or JRuby work you want to start up, this might be an excellent time to call your local ThoughtWorks office… =)

The recruitment point is simply this. We plan on accumulating the best people we can find – as we aim to do in every country we enter. If you feel like you could fit this bill, mail me and we can talk.

It’s important to note that this operation will initially be very low profile. Don’t expect center folds in DN’s Economy pages. We will work mostly with word-of-mouth. So if you hear of someone that might need our help, don’t hesitate to mention our name. And even though we are low profile, we will still have the resources of the whole company to draw on. A 1000 ThoughtWorkers. That feels rather good, and it should feel even better for any prospective clients.

One thing I have been a bit worried about is my commitment to JRuby, and other open source projects. I assure everyone I’ll do my best to live up to these commitments. Sleep be damned!

These are exciting times. I for one is looking forward to it very much. Me and Marcus will officially start on this from June this year. Get in touch if you have any questions. It’s my name separated with dots at gmail, or obini at the official thoughtworks domain.

ThoughtWorks is looking at Sweden

I am not sure how well it comes across in my blog posts, but joining ThoughtWorks have been the best move of my life. I can’t really describe what a wonderful place this is to be (for me at least). I sometimes try – in person, after a few beers – but I always end up not being able to capture the real feeling of working for a company that is more than a company.

I’m happy at being with ThoughtWorks. It’s as simple as that – I feel like I’ve found my home.

So imagine how happy I am to tell you that ThoughtWorks is exploring opportunities for an office in Sweden!

Now, I am one of the persons involved in this effort, and we have been talking about it for a while (actually, we started talking about it for real not long after I joined). But now it’s reality. The first trips to Sweden will be in January. ThoughtWorks will be sponsoring JFokus (which is shaping up to be a really good conference, by the way. I’m happy to have been presenting there the first year). We will have a few representatives at JFokus, of course. I will be there, for example. =)

Of course, exploring Sweden is not the same thing as saying that an office will actually happen. But we think there are good reasons to at least consider it. I personally think it would be a perfect fit, but I am a bit biased about it.

So what are we doing for exploration? Well, of course we have started to look into business opportunities and possible clients. We are looking at partnerships and collaboration. We are looking at potential recruits. But really, the most important thing at this stage is to talk to people, get a feeling for the lay of the land, get to know interesting folks that can give us advice and so on. And that is what our travels in January will be about.

So. Do you feel you might fit any of the categories of people above? We’d love to meet you and talk – very informally. So get in touch.

This is exciting times for us!

ThoughtWorks calling Ruby developers in San Francisco

Friends! ThoughtWorks is hiring Ruby developers all over the world, but right now San Francisco is the hottest place to be. So if you’re located in the Bay Area and want to work with Ruby and Rails, don’t hesitate to make contact.

The time since I joined ThoughtWorks about 6 months ago have been the best of my life, and of all our offices around the world, I like the San Francisco one best. ThoughtWorks is really the home for people passionate about development and people who love Ruby.

If you have been following my blog, you know about Oracle Mix and other interesting things we have been doing out of the SF office. And there’s more to come – exciting times!

Could ThoughtWorks in San Francisco be your home? Take contact with recruiting here:, or email me directly and I’ll see to it that your information gets to the right place!

The development of Oracle Mix

Rich Manalang just posted a very nice entry on the Oracle AppsLab about the technology behind Oracle Mix, how we developed it and so on. Read it here.