Blog about the future of the Internet

I have decided I have several things related to Wikileaks, the future of the Internet and other related things that I want to write about. However, that content seems like it will be a bit far from what I usually write about in this blog (however seldom that actually is). So I’ve decided to create a new, parallel blog for these postings. I will not make any notice of new blog posts on that blog here and the posts to that blog will not be syndicated through the ThoughtWorks blog syndication. If you are interested in what I have to say on these issues, the new blog is can be found here. That’s all.

WordPress posting malfunctioning on Orange

Interesting. While on vacation in Paris I have discovered that Orange seems to mess with some of the POST requests going to my WordPress. That includes posting new posts through the user interface, posting comments, and also posting using MarsEdit. Very strange. If you have Orange and get timeouts for some posts for your WordPress, now you know you’re not alone.