WordPress posting malfunctioning on Orange

Interesting. While on vacation in Paris I have discovered that Orange seems to mess with some of the POST requests going to my WordPress. That includes posting new posts through the user interface, posting comments, and also posting using MarsEdit. Very strange. If you have Orange and get timeouts for some posts for your WordPress, now you know you’re not alone.

First post

I am very happy to write the first post on my new blog. Of course, it’s got the same name as the old one, the same author, and the same history. But it’s still a new blog – just look at the layout! It’s completely different!

I chose WordPress as my blogging system. It was the solution that seemed the be the most fully featured, without being too complicated to handle. So if you’re reading this, you have already found this place. Remember to add the feed to your reader. Oh, and the feed from wordpress automatically redirects to feedburner, just so you know.

The plan is to add some other kinds of content to olabini.com, as soon as I have some time to set up the initial structure. I’ll probably talk about it more when it happens.

The blog is dead, long live the blog.