Interviewed by Akita

At QCon SF last week, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Fabio Akita. It turned out to become an almost 2 hour long interview that touched on many geek subjects, and ended up with some fairly detailed content about Ioke. If you’re interested, and have the energy to hear my opinions about loads of programming languages, you can get it here:

Recent interviews

I have been doing several interviews recently, mostly in connection with my book. Here are the ones I know of right now:

Interviewed by AkitaOnRails

Yesterday I spent 2 hours chatting with Fabio Akita, of AkitaOnRails (the largest Rails blog in Brazil); the result is a long interview that was published today. It’s got some good stuff, and some Ola-stuff, which you should recognize by now.

And I note that he calls me a workaholic; but he got this interview prepared in less than a day too, and also translated it into Portuguese.

You can find it at