JAOO – A great week in Århus

Late this Saturday I came home from a hard week in Århus, Denmark. Of course, it’s been a great week but it is definitely a change coming back home after it.

JAOO this year was great, just as you can always expect. What makes JAOO so fantastic is the combination of extraordinary presentations of all kinds, together with the socializing with all the fantastic speakers, and hanging out with the JAOO crew. All in all it’s a lovely time, and I never get enough sleep for some reason.

This year ThoughtWorks was there in force – we had about 12-14 people there, and 8 of us presenting. It’s always fun to be surrounded with TW people.

I’ll not go through the whole schedule, but I do want to share some of my favorites.

Rich Hickey was there, presenting about different aspects relating to Clojure and concurrency. As usual he was excellent, and I heard many good comments about both his presentations.

Intentional Software presented their Language Workbench, which I’ve been playing around with for some time. The presentation generated substantial shock-and-awe from the audience, which was fun to see.

The Tuesday featured the concurrency track, where I spent most my time. The whole track was very good, but it was capped off by Simon Peyton-Jones excellent talk about Nested Data Parallelism in Haskell, a very good presentation that meshed well with my interests. Simon is also a highly entertaining presenter. All in all, that presentation was definitely my favorite one this year.

On Wednesday the two presentations that stands out in my mind was Aino’s about design patterns – interspersed with dating design patterns. Very funny. And the other was by my colleague Richard Durnall, talking about lean.

Very nice stuff, all in all. Martin Fowler, Neal Ford and Rebecca Parsons gave another version of their DSL tutorial the following day. It’s amazing how much this tutorial have evolved since I first saw it.

On the Friday I saw parts of Sam Aaron’s Advanced Ruby tutorial; it’s good. I also gave my tutorial, which went fairly well too.

And that’s JAOO in a nutshell. A great week. It’s weird to come back after such an intense time.

Tutorial at JAOO about JRuby testing

Just thought I’d mention it here – I’m at JAOO this year and will give a tutorial about testing Java with JRuby. I will be a great tutorial and I hope to see many of you there.

Upcoming talks

There hasn’t been much interesting happening this summer, but the fall is shaping up to be pretty busy. I will be talking at several different conferences, and thought I’d mention when and where I will be appearing.

First, this week I’m presenting at JavaZone in Oslo. I will present at 11:45 tomorrow, talking about Ioke.

Next week is the JVM Language Summit in Santa Clara. It is shaping up to be a great collection of people with many interesting discussions and talks. Take a look at the details for the talks. The people there are some of the most experienced language developers and implementors in the world. It should be a blast. I will do a talk about Ioke, and also a workshop about the challenges of improving Ioke’s performance.

After that I will attend RubyFoo in London, Oct 2-3, where I will talk about JRuby. RubyFoo will feature Matz, Sam Aaron, Aslak Hellesøy, Adam Wiggins and me. It should be great fun!

At JAOO this year (Oct 4-9 in Aarhus, Denmark) I will do a tutorial about testing Java code with JRuby. This conference also looks like it will be great. Many interesting talks and speakers. And of course, JAOO is generally the best conference I’ve ever been to.

At Øredev in Malmö, Sweden (Nov 2-6), I will be talking about Ioke.

And finally, at QCon SF in San Francisco (Nov 16-20) I will be hosting a track on emerging languages. After JAOO, QCon is my favorite conference, so I think it will be very nice too.

So, several interesting conferences coming up. Hope to see many of you there!

JRuby geek night in Aarhus and Copenhagen

I will be doing two geek nights, organized by JAOO, in Aarhus, Denmark, and Copenhagen, Denmark. I will be talking about JRuby.

If you’re interested in the Aarhus event, it will be held on May 5th, and you can find more information and register here: https://secure.trifork.com/aarhus-2009/freeevent/register.m?eventOID=1845.

If you’re interested in the Copenhagen event, it will be held on May 6th, and registration and information can be found here: https://secure.trifork.com/aarhus-2009/freeevent/register.m?eventOID=1846.

Hope to see many of you there!