A week at Øredev

I just came back from 10 days in Malmö, Sweden, for the Øredev conference. I’ve had a great time. Part of that was because I had Stella with me, and she got to meet all my conference-friends, so that was nice.

But a big part of it is basically just the fact that Øredev is an outstanding conference.

Some of my impressions, things I learned and did in no specific order:

  • Hadoop is really cool and I wish I had time to learn more about it. Alex Loddengaard from Cloudera did a very good job introducing this technology in his tutorial. We got to do way fun stuff!
  • People liked my talk about Ioke – and I was very happy with how it went too.
  • Stuart Halloway is really good at introducing Clojure – I’m looking forward to his talk at QCon SF even more now.
  • Me, Tyler Jennings, Neal Ford, Dan North and Stuart Halloway spent several hours of BoF time to create a new BDD framework for Clojure – this was way fun hacking, interesting from a group management and design perspective and just plain fun. There is a distinct possibility that me and Neal will give a talk at the TW US Away Day about this, if anyone is interested.
  • Ze Frank is amazing. Really great evening keynote/entertainment.
  • Niclas Nilsson and Hans Brattberg did a very accurate depiction of common problems and failure modes of pair programming. Good stuff.
  • Tyler Jennings gave an introduction to Software Craftsmanship. Glad I didn’t miss this presentation. Very nicely done.
  • Kevlin Henney did a great presentation about agile modeling. I enjoyed it a lot.
  • We did a very fun closing panel that was basically just six geeks disagreeing about lots of stuff. I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as the panel members.

Conclusion: Øredev was a great conference, I was honored to get the chance to speak there and I’ll definitely try to go back next year.

Upcoming talks

There hasn’t been much interesting happening this summer, but the fall is shaping up to be pretty busy. I will be talking at several different conferences, and thought I’d mention when and where I will be appearing.

First, this week I’m presenting at JavaZone in Oslo. I will present at 11:45 tomorrow, talking about Ioke.

Next week is the JVM Language Summit in Santa Clara. It is shaping up to be a great collection of people with many interesting discussions and talks. Take a look at the details for the talks. The people there are some of the most experienced language developers and implementors in the world. It should be a blast. I will do a talk about Ioke, and also a workshop about the challenges of improving Ioke’s performance.

After that I will attend RubyFoo in London, Oct 2-3, where I will talk about JRuby. RubyFoo will feature Matz, Sam Aaron, Aslak Hellesøy, Adam Wiggins and me. It should be great fun!

At JAOO this year (Oct 4-9 in Aarhus, Denmark) I will do a tutorial about testing Java code with JRuby. This conference also looks like it will be great. Many interesting talks and speakers. And of course, JAOO is generally the best conference I’ve ever been to.

At Øredev in Malmö, Sweden (Nov 2-6), I will be talking about Ioke.

And finally, at QCon SF in San Francisco (Nov 16-20) I will be hosting a track on emerging languages. After JAOO, QCon is my favorite conference, so I think it will be very nice too.

So, several interesting conferences coming up. Hope to see many of you there!

Speaking engagements

This Monday (30:th October) I’ll go to Malmö to present on JRuby at JavaForum, as I posted a few weeks ago. After everything is over I’ll have an hour or two to spend before my train leaves, so if anyone is up for beer I’m game.

I will also present at JavaForum in Stockholm 21:th November. The presentation will be mostly the same, except for possible interesting developments during that time. At the same night Rob Harrop of Interface21 will present on Spring, AOP and ActiveJ. That promises to be very interesting, so I recommend everyone in the region to get there. =)

More information at http://javaforum.se.

JRuby presentation in Malmö

It is now final that I will be presenting JRuby at JavaForum in Malmö, the 30:th October. There is more information available at www.javaforum.se.