ThoughtWorks Seminar and Tutorial in Stockholm

September 29th, ThoughtWorks will hold a day of seminars and a tutorial in Stockholm, Sweden. The seminars are free. I will talk about alternative languages, Martin Fowler will talk about software design in the 21st century, and another ThoughtWorks speaker will talk about DSLs for functional testing.

The tutorial is a half day tutorial given by Martin Fowler and me. We will talk about domain specific languages.

If this sounds interesting, go in and find more information and register here. Hurry, though – places are limited!

Presentations this and next week

Wow. JRuby 1.1 is out! Go get! (And incidentally, wouldn’t JRuby be the perfect way for Google to support Ruby in Google Apps Engine?)

I’ll be doing a talk tonight at .NETAkademien about Ruby and Rails. It’s mostly an introduction.
You can find more info here.

On Thursday I’ll speak about JRuby at Developer Summit in Stockholm. I’ll be in the Dynamic Languages track and you can read the abstract and more information here.

And finally, next Monday I’ll talk about JRuby at the Stockholm Ruby User Group. You can find out more information about that event here.

Overall, it feels like the conference season is starting up again. I’ll be presenting at JavaOne in a month too.

I’ve been extremely quiet here lately. It’s been a bit slow in JRuby land, actually, and my focus has been elsewhere. Hopefully I’ll be able to start posting some really cool stuff soon – I have something up my sleeve that should be possible to talk about soon.

Speakings this and next week

Just a quick notice. I will be talking this wednesday at a Rails group in Stockholm. The subject will (for once) not be about JRuby, at least not primarily. Instead I will talk about an application called LPW, which is interesting since it doesn’t use a database as the main data feed, but a bunch of Web Services that are implemented by a third party and deployed with EJB’s in Axis. I had all kinds of challenges, but in the end the result became very good. I will talk a little about what you can expect when trying to interface with Java in this way, and good tricks on how to handle an alternative to ActiveRecord as model.

I’ve written a bit about LPW sometime this summer, if anyone is interested.

Next week is the JavaForum meet up in Stockholm, and I will speak after Rob Harrop. The subject is JRuby and the day is Tuesday. As far as I know, the meet up is full.

The presentation will be pretty standard JRuby fare for Java developers.

Speaking engagements

This Monday (30:th October) I’ll go to Malmö to present on JRuby at JavaForum, as I posted a few weeks ago. After everything is over I’ll have an hour or two to spend before my train leaves, so if anyone is up for beer I’m game.

I will also present at JavaForum in Stockholm 21:th November. The presentation will be mostly the same, except for possible interesting developments during that time. At the same night Rob Harrop of Interface21 will present on Spring, AOP and ActiveJ. That promises to be very interesting, so I recommend everyone in the region to get there. =)

More information at